DS Wireless Call System is a technology aiming to improve and simplify the interaction between your clients and your staff.

It consists of call buttons and wrist-watches connected wirelessly with each other.


In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in the DS Wireless Call Pager System to improve the quality and the speed of your service.


client calling the waiter
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  1. Install the call buttons on each table in your restaurant/bar/club/cafe.
  2. Give every waiter a wrist-watch.
  3. When a client presses a call button, a waiter’s wrist-watch receives a message with the number of the table that the call came from.
  4. DONE! No more lengthy waiting!

waiter serving the customer

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Your employees

will work much faster, more accurately and cohesively!

Your precious

customers will no longer spend their valuable time waiting for your staff!

Your valued

customers will be attracted to the new technology and will visit your place more often!

Your satisfied

customers and regular visitors will increase in numbers …and so will your profit!

DS Wireless Technology Ltd.

Teodor Velkov

Teodor Velkov


DS Wireless Technology Limited (Company Number: 10164830) is a distributor and provider of wireless calling system solutions for restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes based in London, United Kingdom.

Transparent Partnership

We respect our business partners, and work with them through long-term relationships to achieve mutual growth based on trust.

Our goal is to increase your revenue while decreasing your overheads and expenses.

We firmly believe that our wireless solutions will help your business grow and make it more profitable!

People Oriented

Based on our philosophy of “customer first” , we constantly develop and provide innovative and high quality products and services that satisfy various customer demands.

We respect and encourage personal growth for our employees under our belief that the success of our business is led by nurturing each individual’s character and ability.


Calling Buttons

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Wireless Calling System

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Our equipment is EC-certified, and we are willing to send you a copy of the certificate upon request. Our technicians always test all equipment before sending it out to our clients.


Manuals in English are supplied with the equipment. Self-installation of the system will take you no more than 20 minutes and will not require any special knowledge.

Our restaurant has been making use of the DS Wireless Technology Ltd.’s wireless calling system since April 2015.

We have 10 “watches” and 50 buttons on the tables, and a call button to call the manager of the restaurant.

Our customers have complimented our restaurant on the good service they receive as a result of the system.

We would recommend the wireless calling waiter system to any one who is serious about flawless customer service.

Kind Regards

Meredith J. Rogers

For many years me, my staff and my customers had to endure the frustration of long queues at my bar in London.

Sometimes the customers got irritated because each customer felt that their needs are more important than the others etc.

They used to scream, wave their hands etc, sometimes with no avail.

Then we found the DS Wireless Technology Ltd.’s wireless calling pager system for waitresses.

We were so happy with the system that we installed it at all three bars we owned.

Creed S. Johnson



Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer FREE Shipping? (CLICK To Open)

Yes, we DO! We offer FREE shipping for orders of £150 and above.

Is Your Wireless Call System Cost Effective?

The installation of the Wireless Calling System has no hidden expenses. There is no cable to run, no trunking to fit, no chasing out of walls and no redecorating. The system can be installed in less than 20 minutes!

Is Your Wireless Calling System Reliable? (CLICK To Open)

All our products are manufactured using the highest quality components and tested to ensure the system will continue working reliably for many years to come.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? (CLICK To Open)

We accept PayPal.

PayPal is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide. It helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is NEVER shared with the merchant.

Can I Buy More Than One Wireless Call System From You? (CLICK To Open)


For custom orders and quantities, use the “Contact Us” form below to send us an e-mail.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime! DS Wireless Technology Ltd.’s representative will reply in less than 24 hours.

DS Wireless Technology Ltd.

E-mail: contact@ptservice.co.uk


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